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Our project is a unique opportunity to connect with the world of nanotechnology and to take a look at nano-scale materials through the lens of powerful research equipment. Modern electron microscopes register images of photographic quality with magnification from thousands right up to million times. Understanding materials' composition and properties at the nano- and micro- scales enables modern scientific and technological advances; this understanding is key to the development of cutting-edge technologies today.

Microscopy images on this web site are provided free of charge for scientific and educational purposes under a CC-BY-NC license. These images can be used on web sites, in graduation and PhD thesis papers, in dissertations, in scientific reports, articles and reviews, etc., as long as appropriate credit is given. Description of each photograph contains a link to a citation format. is a project initiated by the Ananikov laboratory ( at the Zelinski Institute of Organic Chemistry ( of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The project utilizes modern electron microscopy equipment. Scientific developments of the laboratory facilitate effective research of chemical substances, materials and processes.

The Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) provide financial support for the laboratory’s research.